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Astronaut status .

Who is the Minister in charge of ASIO ? Is it Brandis or Payne or Pyne or Turnbull ?Who did ASIO report the Datyari conversation to and who leaked the story then to Fairfax ?

As Malcolm Turnbull edges closer to 30 successive Newspoll losses there’s a word of warning today for skittish Liberal and National MP’s - a Fairfax/Ipsos poll finds 80% of Coalition voters don’t want the PM to be dumped mid-term

with a Great job Erika and team!!

no Fairfax Co. Officers fired. But their cameras caught Park Police shoot man. Chief wants video released.

Chief Roessler on November U.S. Park Police shooting: I am fully committed to transparency. When the in-car video no longer interferes with the investigation, I recommend it be released to the community immediately.

Congratulations to our very own Sydney Keating for committing to the University of Mary Washington to play field hockey! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see you do great things.

Best-performing statewide candidates by precinct. DEM: Northam (GOV- blue), Fairfax (LG- green), Herring (AG- red) GOP: Gillespie (GOV- blue), Vogel (LG- green), Adams (AG- red)

BLOODY O aka is now free. Welcome home .

Word has finally filtered out of Fairfax Va. Eneh and Missy finished as runners up at the GMU Patriot Classic. Perspective, they are the first Chagrin Falls debaters to debate in the finals, semis or quarterfinals of a National Circuit tourney. INCREDIBLE run. Congrats!

Rick and Morty in some pieces .

Congrats to Hampton University freshmen Barry Jones and Terris Johnson who recently competed in the Fairfax debate tournament. Barry placed 1st overall & Terris placed 4th in Parliamentary. They will now represent HU at the HBCU Nationals in Texas next month.

Don't be fooled by the hype and propaganda. ABC, Fairfax and News Ltd. all focusing on Labor links with Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo, even though his strongest links and largest cash flows are with Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and the Liberal Party.

Discussing the coin toss with their opponents, seniors Missy McDonnell and Eneh Turoczi prepare for the final round of Public Forum at the George Mason 14th annual Patriot Games Classic in Fairfax, VA. The four-year partners debated 11 times, including six elimination rounds.

It appears that the Murdoch / narrative is to attack Labor over Chinese Donations but ignore Liberal Party Donors. is a partisan joke. / & have been weaponised against Labor.

A$AP Bari has been sued for the sexual assault stemming from the July incident and is now facing a million-dollar lawsuit.


DHS Debate Alum Barry Jones placed 1st overall in Parliamentary debate today at the Fairfax tournament. He was the only one to go 5-0 over the weekend. Barry will now represent Hampton University at the HBCU Nationals in Texas next month. Go Barry!!!!

32 Chinese investors filed a $17 million fraud lawsuit in Fairfax County, VA court last week, stating they were swindled out of $560,000/each as a result of “misrepresentations” made by McAuliffe and Hillary’s brother, Anthony Rodham

3000 years ahead .

Nicole Wallace had an amazing show today. Funny how she & Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt are among my favs. It’s because they are truth-tellers & not spinners.

Reports of feeling this 4.4 magnitude EARTHQUAKE more than 100 miles away into western Fairfax County! Did you feel it?

Is the Sam Dastayari coordinated attack from , Ministers, AFP, , just a distraction from Baranaby Joyce's pregnant staffer ?

Throwback Lil Peep x .

All conjecture Brandis. Who are these 'sources' in the Fairfax piece on Sam Dastyari?

Ooops! I found this Fairfax article outlining Chinese donations to the Liberal Party (by pure co-incidence, naturally) including $100K to Andrew Robb the day he signed : via

The boy is really out here with the mud . Coming soon to your local Gas Station.

John Fairfax, Who Rowed Across Oceans - crossed the Atlantic because it was there, the Pacific because it was also there, cos the lure of sea, spray and sinew, and the history-making chance to traverse two oceans without steam or sail, proved irresistible.

Which one is your favorite?

This is the bigger picture: The Australian media industry operates a protection racket for men like Don Burke. My piece for Fairfax. via

Congratulations to Fairfax & their Journo's, it's not just anyone who can hack into ASIO's system to find dirt on the LNP's opponents.

The legend will be in the upcoming lookbook.

"The audio, exclusively obtained by Fairfax Media.." Obtained from Government or ASIO? I hope like hell it was Government, I really do. Sad Fairfax playing game, BUT scarier if ASIO (powerful with little oversight) is playing politics?

Brandis answers q’s by on source of Dastyari story & issues over ASIO leaking to media. He says ‘it is a concern but is due to the industry of Fairfax journos’. Rubbish - this was a deliberate drop for Govt to attack opposition & should concern us all

Big time dunk from last night!

Congrats to 2018 FHS 2B Thomas Aguila on his commitment to play at Neumann College.

The modern day Mona Lisa.

Yesterday Fairfax reported on some Barnaby Joyce shenanigans in with a reference ("where's your mistress") to his alleged infidelity in it. A few hours later, Fairfax gets an ASIO drop on Dastyari. Coincidence?

ATTENTION All Dirt Units Of The Following FAIRFAX, AFR, The UN OZ Here Is Your Lead Story For Thursday 29 Nov - 2017 THAT'S IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO PRINT THE TRUTH

A 'secret' recording of Sam Dastyari South China Seas comments from mths ago is 'obtained' by the ABC the same day Fairfax publishes allegations he allegedly tipped off a Chinese businessman is one hell of a coincidence, isn't it? Like someones out to get Sam. Who? LNP.

Which one is your favorite?

This is the bigger picture: The Australian media industry operates a protection racket for men like Don Burke. My piece for Fairfax. via

Tweeters Don't give Fairfax the pleasures Of u tweeting about Sam dastyari Ignore their destruction Is it To stop people talking about The NBN and tbull lnp mess

is anyone going to ask Julie Bishop how she knows what Dastyari is alleged to have said to Huang at his home? and why Govt intelligence was dropped to Fairfax now?

Senator responded to Fairfax story on dealings with foreign donors

Senator response to Fairfax story

If you’re sending your children on a play date to this Fairfax County School Board member’s home in Virginia, you should ask her how she stores her guns and ammo first:

Burke accused of heaping vile abuse on couple who lost family in Bali bombing (Pic: Fairfax Media)

ASIO/other agencies leaking to Fairfax on a hot-button political issue - is this not least as newsworthy as what the leaks are about??

Congratulations to our All-Region Selections: 2nd Team: Aziz Abousam (WR) Trevor Marchiando (Off-All Purpose) KC Colbert (Def-All Purpose)

: Mary Fairfax Somerville was a self-taught Scottish mathematician, astronomer, and geographer and the reason we have the word SCIENTIST. She was nominated to be jointly the first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society at the same time as Caroline Herschel. /1

I am proud to represent a county that values our diverse community and supports our students, residents, workforce and business owners of every race, socio-economic status and background. Learn more about One Fairfax:

So ASIO gives Fairfax a story right when Turnbull is about to lose the power to govern. How convenient. C'mon Margo, it reads just like the kind of half-arsed smear piece it is. ASIO don't have shit. Trial by media.

"Sweet as a French pastry!" The Silk Romance is a discounted Kindle book until 30th November

You Hypebeasts went too far this time. Y’all had my boy Bob the Builder standing in the Supreme line for 12 hours and now this is the result. He’s really wearing a Vetements hard hat .

Nov 29th, 7-10PM @pinkdolphinclothing LA, 420 N Fairfax Ave Be There

Why doesn’t someone make a new vine app

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, you have to go and check out store: “YESTERDAY’S FITS.” Address: 5025 S EASTERN AVE LAS VEGAS, NV

“I feel like a Gucci ad lib, burr” - Kim Jong Un.

dear friends, what a day. Thank you for your words. And THANK YOU to and for showing the truth about . Will be on morning TV tomorrow, to tell you more.

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