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Breaking: Woman who reached a settlement with O’Reilly over harassment allegations sued him and Fox News for defamation and breach of contract, saying that statements he and the network made violated the settlement and portrayed her as a liar and extortionist. Story to come.

Watching the Roy Moore re-endorsements I'm reminded of the many, many times I've seen white people on cable news arguing black culture is excessively tolerant of criminal behavior.

People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused - many millions of dollars!

How was this appropriate for a morning television program that is run by NBC's news division?

i FRONT PAGE: Brexit deal is done... then DUP says no

Watch 's Meghan McCain scold her co-hosts for celebrating the misreported Michael Flynn news:

Breaking news: After pulling LaMelo and LiAngelo out of school, LaVar Ball is now considering pulling Lonzo off the Lakers.

The Lamborghini Urus SUV will be sold in Europe for 171,500 euros ($203,000) excluding taxes

Why did CNN recycle an old story about a woman accusing President Trump? It’s part of a media plan. Honest analysis on tonight.

BREAKING NEWS: Authorities in Jacksonville were able to stop a man from executing a planned mass shooting at an Islamic center.

FINANCIAL TIMES FRONT PAGE: Brexit divorce derailed at 11th hour after DUP blocks Irish border deal

reporting on things that go against the Democrats’ narrative? My lord, it’s almost like they’re a real news agency and not the hacks regarding which the President likes to suggest.

The Supreme Court allows the latest version of President Donald Trump's travel ban to take effect while legal challenges continue

Just in case it's not clear, SCOTUS reinstating the Muslim ban is really bad news. Before today, it appeared that the justices were agreed on the compromise they reached last June. Now it appears that compromise has broken.

9 Deadly Diseases That Have Wiped Out Entire Species->

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court has made a decision to let Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority nations go into effect.

Man accused of moving the body of three-year-old Mariah Woods held on $1 million bail.

Join tonight on D&S Chit Chat at 9 pm ET to discuss Kate Steinle and our Judiciary System, Michael Flynn pleading Guilty to lying, Brian Ross reporting fake news, Bias FBI Agent dismissed and much much more

Donald Trump has drastically reduced the size of two national parks in Utah. The President says it is to “reverse federal overreach” - but environmentalists and indigenous Americans have protested agains the decision.

No Brexit deal as Irish border forces PM retreat

I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Just more Fake News covering another Comey lie!

People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused - many millions of dollars!

Caption this?!?!?

Shohei Ohtani: I've made my choice. I'm signing with the Mariners Jerry Dipoto: That is wonderful news. We are honored to have you Ohtani: Thank you Dipoto: Ohtani: Dipoto: You've been traded to the White Sox

Sign language interpreter at Seminole Heights news conference delivered confusion, not clarity

Sold when it hit $11,350 and threw everything in to . As per much cryptocurrency news, seems like the best way to go.

Number of minutes MSNBC covered Kate Steinle verdict (Friday - Saturday): 0.

11 NFL players kneel for national anthem

Ron Gant is a news anchor in Atlanta. Or will be until Hrbek pulls him off the air.

Teacher : You have a 6 page paper Due on Monday, please do not wait last minute because it just won't be possible. Me @ 9 p.m Sunday Night : challenged accepted

The Met Opera knew conductor James Levine was accused of molesting a teenager, but kept silent

IMPORTANT NEWS: 100s of elected officials in the Spanish state have endorsed BDS for Palestinian rights. They've set a new BDS precedent in Europe!

BREAKING NEWS - Survey shows IQ level has lifted in New Zealand in recent weeks ...the agony is over .

This is great news. Since families are suffering from fear because they began to get warning notices, can we get CHIP done tomorrow? Or does your boss have another tax cut for millionaires to prioritize?

'Entourage' star sticks up for Jeremy Piven amid sexual misconduct allegations

| Harry in Japan, 12/4 (via )

Tomorrow will be a bad news day for Nazis.

Drugstore giant CVS is buying Aetna, one of the biggest US health insurers, for $69 billion.

NY Daily News has a liberal amount of Bill and invective.

Prep school teacher, 28, had ‘park sex’ with 16-year-old student, police say

Having dealt with ABC's Brian Ross who fancies himself as an "investigative" something, not surprised he got caught making up some stuff. One of the most aggressively dishonest reporters I ever dealt with.

Awaiting the breaking news alert that Gus Malzahn has taken the Arkansas job.

BREAKING: ABC News apologizes for 'serious error' and suspends reporter Brian Ross for 4 weeks over faulty Michael Flynn story

Wow. Big news: Scott Frost and his staff have committed to coaching UCF in the Peach Bowl, Danny White confirmed. Frost will coach the Bowl game.

Brian Ross finally suspended after years of journalistic malpractice

Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang Clan album; the former pharmaceutical executive reportedly paid $2 million for "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin"

.: Bill Shorten is a critical figure in the destruction of our political system.

Brock Turner, ex-Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault, wants case thrown out

Millions spent for only one jihadi to be deradicalised

Since being thrust into power, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has purged or executed around 340 people

ASIO: "Look, over there, a Chinese donor!" Bishop: "Throw Sam out of the Senate" Gallery: "throw him out, throw him out" Public: But Julie got $500K from Chinese donors and Malcolm had dinner with them. And the Rolexes. Gallery: "Nice ear rings...Look, over there, a Barnaby!"

No doubt the committees had the Flynn news about lying to the FBI for a while and yet it didn’t really leak did it?

Dan Gillerman on Flynn guilty plea: "I think instead of a plea bargain, Michael Flynn should actually get a medal."

On the 12th day in Shreveport my true love gave to me: 12 STDs 11 pipes a bursting 10 miles of bike lanes 9 daiquiris 8 stolen cars 7 Dog Park swimmers 6 guns a spraying 5 MORRIS BAAAARTS 4 spinner rims 3 Lyft drivers 2 Love bugs And a pothole growing a tree

ABC News suspends Brian Ross over 'serious error' in Trump-Flynn report via the App

Chinese automaker Lifan eyes electric car production in Uruguay

Just the suspension is NOT going to work for the American people! Fire his ass! You obviously know he did some SIGNIFICANTLY WRONG! If you bring him back, your viewership will REALLY tank! Keep Fighting The Fake News!!!


Scott Frost will coach the Knights in their New Year's Six Bowl game, officially retires as UCF head coach

Not good news for Brian Ross that his ABC colleague is tweeting this. It’s also true.

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