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oddcast magic mirror yourself

Description: oddcast & magic mirror

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Escort threatened to pass on clients' sordid secrets to their wives

My bro on with me now shits magic

Netflix needs to stop playing and release the new season of Black Mirror already

Iain Lee entered jungle to use fee to pay mum's medical bills

Today's is Rat Queens by Kurtis Weibe featuring an all woman D&D style fantasy party including Hannah the Mage, Dee the Cleric, Violet the Warrior, and Betty the petty thief. There's magic, deception, love, hate and amazing fantasy styling.

the king of mirror selcas

Have you ever sneezed while brushing your teeth? I now have splatter art all over my bathroom mirror

Please. If you are making a game. Do an art direction. Think about what art direction is. ASK AT SOME POINT THE QUESTION "what is my style?" "Stylized" is the magic key that turns very low budget, low-mechanical-skill art from "bad" (unmemorable) to "good" (memorable)

when you look in the mirror and realise you've made it through monday

Captain Marvel's wish fulfillment appeal isn't just that he can call down vast powers with a magic word; it's that he gets to be a grown-up. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. An adult Billy Batson with a child-like heart, not a childish mind; the metaphorical inner child.

There is magic all around us. Like during a shower when a bar of soap becomes a shard of soap.

it's never to late for tweep to follow a fella tweep do the magic 100 follow in the next 15 minute. Counting one two Go

If anyone has to give up his or her voice about things that matter to be your friend, know this: your friendship costs too much.

Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire.

MORNING AFFIRMATION: hey at least you showed up for a mirror

MAGIC PIXEL COMEBACK!!!!! I don't know how i did it, but, it was possible

There are 7 different kinds of twins: Identical, Fraternal, Half-Identical, Mirror Image, Mixed Chromosome, Superfecundation, Superfetation.

A new record for our hard working & well deserved boys. This is all for you & Thankyou for adding your magic touch. WE GOT #28 BABY LETS CONTINUE TO RISE ON THE CHARTS guess what yoongi we did it

I drew an awesome beyblade for since I won't be able to do the Secret Santa thing. I hope you like him!

Dan Gosling Vs. Liverpool Last few minutes of extra time Magic of the cup

I counted 30 things they said wrong about me in the media, they used my video on their news websites without consulting with me. I think I should sue them for copyright violation defamation and misrepresentation.

It’s all the £10-20 transactions that accumulate to a madness

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“The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses...are you listening?” Have a beautiful night friends.

checking himself out in the mirror

STAR MAGIC CATALOGUE 2018 (2/98) edward_barber

not wearing makeup feels so good until you actually look at yourself in the mirror and realize you look sick

It looked like there were too many clouds to see the moonrise tonight but I was happy to be wrong. from York Beach, Maine.

GOD will... Restore Raise Up Bless Boost Accelerate Uplift Move forward Ignite Infuse Power Help Inspire Ignite ALL Track Stars this season that come in agreement with this IN JESUS NAME!

A Sumerian pirate has a sixth sense: She can feel the presence of ravens.

—Me when I discovered Harry Potter.

when you walk passed a mirror and realize how ugly you looked all day

A few cool photos of the moonrise last night. Including one of working his magic. Big thanks to Neil for the amazing weekend. If you get a chance, take one of his workshops.

There’s MORE!!! Be ready for a NEW Makeup Bag (will confirm the price) + a New Star Mirror!! $20 Both will be available DECEMBER 12TH @ 10am PST

Black Magic is a zine dedicated to promoting black female and nonbinary visibility in the fantasy genre! Please check out our campaign and consider becoming a backer!

If you look into a mirror and say "I hate Erie" 5 times a white person holding sponge candy appears and says "Actually we have the third best sunsets in the world"

All I want is a series of magic doors to visit all the people in my life and as much time as I want to visit them. Is that so much to ask?

Boufal not realising it's a two-sided mirror at City Modern football at it's finest... ( )

Shhh, no one tell Sofiane Boufal that the Man City tunnel is a two-way mirror........

This 10 year old has a grind way beyond her years!

Falklands War hero says suicides will keep happening unless more done to help

Winter is full of such beauty. So underrated. Spring, summer, and autumn may get all of the attention, but winter is where the magic lies.

Huntsman Knife Fade Giveaway! TO ENTER YOU MUST: -Follow + Retweet -Tag a Friend -Turn Notifications On (Proof) 48 HOURS!

You're the last thing I want to drink at night and the first thing I want in my mouth in the morning.

I want small, seasonal workers that are paid only in chocolate too, Santa.

niggas get 20k plays then look in the mirror for a hour and come to the conclusion that they should get a face tattoo

A cynical queen sits on a marble lake.

I hope these wizard pugs make your day better.

Corbyn stretches lead over Tories to largest gap for five months in new poll

Brit greyhounds are raced to collapse then boiled alive for their meat

When I thought I looked cute at the function the whole time then make that first trip to the bathroom mirror

me looking at myself in the mirror

hi i have a small vid of that iconic hug between and and it's the best thing ever

Dobby Lives!

Use social media properly with the right strategies & you can make moneyyyyyyyyyyy

No X-Factor contestant or X-Factor live show performer has come close to touching Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You / Black Magic” performance.

Someone once told me if I said GC 3 times in the mirror, would appear, funny how things happen

Philip Hammond accused of putting tax cuts for banks over vulnerable children

This chimps' reactions to iPad magic is amazing

He's magic you know.. Mauricio pochetino He's made mistakes but I'd still pick him over any manager in the world!

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