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With only 10 days left until episode 8 let’s ask possibly one of the the most important questions? Which team are you on? For me it’s . Started me on a life of Sci-Fi geeky heaven. Your turn! Like for A, retweet for B or like and retweet for C

No need to be born again... Really? Must be nice to B where U can alter 10 Commandments, dismiss scripture, & make it up on the fly as it suits U! Tragedy is - UR so unconscious that you don't know what you don't know - oblivious babbling fool!

Ok tu b fair i was actuly tryng tu help

Mich fans celebrating New Years game over MSU is meaningless. Wolverines need to beat rivals/win B10 under Harbaugh to validate progress.

GOT7 LEADER JB's 25th BIRTHDAY PROJECT Plan B [ Ahgases' Gathering Party ]. [ Grab your Tix] Hello! It's Party Time. Come and Join it, IGOT7s. Date : Dec 30, 2017 Time : 10 am - 1 pm Place : cafe, Hlaedan branch Tickets are available now.

Don't understand how a person can just "lose feelings" for someone

Here he is

Im 135 lbs now If i add 10-15 more in all the right places it’s over I’m not texting anyone back

Here's a poll... Ima tell one of these stories around 10:00 tonight. Take your pick and stay tuned

And we know the change option will put on 10% to 15% during campaign

With Bodak Yellow at #7 and No Limit at #8, Cardi B has two songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

This is the most hate I’ve seen about a 10-2 team in a while. This is not a bad place to be for this team.

I’m so hype for this clemson team but pissed at the same time that people doubted them! This squad is sick and it’s scary for every team in this playoff straight up

G-Eazy, Cardi B And A$AP Rocky Score New Top 10 Hits While Post Malone Rules Again

"No Limit" is G-Eazy and Cardi B's second and A$AP Rocky's third top 10 single on the Hot 100.

The hype list: - wicked close to Boston - flyover - equal men & woman race times - equal prize payouts - elite men & women's races each pay $1,000 total to 10 places - did we mention the flyover?

Well it’s almost that time to VOTE for the next Top 10 HBCU Queens! Make sure to look out for link to vote soon

Yeezy 350 v2 Belugo 2.0 SKU: AH2203 Prices are shipped + invoiced Sizes: 4 - $375 5 (x4) - $380 6 - $380 8 - $380 10.5 (x2) - 390 12 (x2) - $400 14 (x2) - $400

To everyone freaking out: the Eagles just lost IN SEATTLE. There is no shame in that. I am highly annoyed too. But the Eagles are a) still very good; and b) in a great spot at 10-2! Contending for a championship isn't supposed to be easy. They got punched. They'll punch back.

Final 10 shows with Francesa... 5:05p QB Eli Manning Maybe something else... It's a must listen, as always.

Ohio State wins big games and makes the B10 conference look good. You're a typical Wisconsin fan who can't take losing. You guys didn't beat anyone(like Alabama) all year and when you had a chance you lost.


According to your interview on ESPN, no matter what OSU would have done in the B10 championship, Alabama was always a lock. If this is really true, this selection committee is very shortsighted in looking at a team's body of work vs getting money & TV rankings.

Osu’s AD is on the playoff committee! Osu is in the playoffs for sure now and gets waxed by Clemson again. I don’t think the B10 deserves to get in this year.

Lovely evening in Manchester. Ended up in Via Fossa. Not been in there in about 10 yrs. Getting back to London will be interesting as the trains to Euston seem to be b*ggered

Changing Exam Pattern 1997:Answer all the questions. 2007:Answer any 5 questions. 2017:Write Either A or B. 2020:Please only read the Question. 2025:Thanks for coming.

Looks like Grassley has become part of the elite. He’s been fooling Iowans with his aw shucks persona for yrs while amassing a fortune. This tax bill will directly enrich him. I’d say buyer beware but it’s too late to vote him out now.

1 Oklahoma (B12 champ) 8 UCF (best G5) 4 Ohio State ( B10 champ) 5 Southern Cal (P12 champ) 3 Clemson (ACC champ) 6 Alabama (#1 at-large) 2 Georgia (SEC champ) 7 Penn State (#2 at-large) Pay the players before doing any of this, though.

I’m so hype for this clemson team but pissed at the same time that people doubted them! This squad is sick and it’s scary for every team in this playoff straight up

So....was Ohio State's 27-21 win over Wisconsin good enough to get into the playoffs as the No. 4 seed? I say no. Alabama (11-1) should get the final slot. But will the committee add a second SEC team and leave the B10 champ out? We'll find out at noon.

Ostate lost to Iowa, a non ranked team while bama lost to a top 10 team. Should be no question who makes it

Alabama may be better than Ohio State, but college football needs to even the playing field. No way SEC and ACC should continue to play just 8 conference games while Pac-12, B10 and B12 plays 9.

Teasel (!) Umbelliferae (so open to negotiation) - Largish, Lesser Water Parsnip? Creeping Thistle 8- 10 of North Kent Marshes

It boils down to what does committee values more. A. Conference Champ with 2 Top 10 wins & 1 bad loss B. 1 loss team with no Top 10 wins

With today's win, the Patriots have now had at least 10 wins for the past 15 years. 15...

To My Hottest ♡ Thank you for your never changing love in the past 10 years! I will always work hard to become a better artiste and person that won't disappoint everyone! In future there will be more activities and I will show a different side of me so please watch over me!

December 10, Sunday SM Megamall Meeting Room B 10AM to 9PM See you there.

As you get older I would highly 10/ 10 recommend becoming best friends with your mom!! There's no one who loves you more, you can tell her everything, she'll b your biggest fan, and you're what she loves most!! She's the greatest friend you'll ever have !! :))

Tried a peanut butter fudge cake from at the Sheffield market today. 10/ 10 would have again. Great work

From beginning to 2008, our debt was $ 10 trillion, in 8 years, on the books, Obama almost doubled that to just under $20 trillion. cont

Denied from the school of engineering the first time around. Now graduating with a 3.6 GPA and a job lined up in Houston B.S. Chemical Engineering 10 AM Saturday, December 9th – at The University of Texas at Austin

•Big Ben is 238 yards away from reaching 50,000 •Antonio Brown is 428 yards away from reaching 10,000 to is just special. When its all said & done, these 2 might go down as the greatest QB/WR duo ever. Their already in the conversation.

9/ 10 night last night

:) I got married 10 years ago.. my first born is 7 month old. U know why? I planned with my spouse. So that I can buy my child’s healthcare have my wife stay at our home and raise our child. That liberal blather only deserves to b answered with two words.. personal responsibility

Arkansas 4-8 / SEC #13..Hey Gus lose the SEC champ & you got 5 hrs to decide if you want to be our & we have to move on b/c landing a CFB Playoff coach in FVille for the next 5- 10 yrs isn’t worth waiting 3 weeks & losing all this momentum..Makes zero sense!

EXO ได้รับรางวัลที่งาน ทั้งหมด 5 รางวัล TOP 10 Best Dance Male Group Hiphop/Rap เฉิน & Dynamic Duo Netizen Choice Best Artist of The Year

Just now my 10 years old daughter come to me and said "daddy you were right, Muslims forcefully converted hundreds and thousands of Hindus." I replied "Millions." Then she show me underlined page of "Tipu Sultan ~ The Tyrant of Mysore"

- coupons up for grabs! Question 9: What is the prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia? Answer with . a. 20% b. 10% c. 40-50% d. above 80%

My top 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. from another earth 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Go up and get it, Tariq! Owens uses all of his wingspan to complete the alley oop from Simon. leads 62-40 with 10:50 to go.

• MelOn Music Awards 2017 • 。TOP 10- Twice 。TOP 10- Bolbbalgan4 。Best New Artist- WannaOne 。TOP 10- BTS 。TOP 10- EXO 。Best Indie- Melomance - Gift 。Best R&B/Soul- Suran- If I get drunk today

BTS at MMA won the following categories: Song of the Year with Spring Day Global Artist Award Best Music Video Hot Trend Award - Suga Best R&B/Soul - Suga Top 10 "You guys are the best in the world"

Ummm actually. Alicia Keys Beyonce T-pain Chris Brown Rihanna Usher Mariah Carey Timbaland Kanye Sean Kingston R. Kelly Ne-Yo Mario Pretty Ricky Baby Bash Chingy Akon Fergie 2007 was the best R& B year! Not 2017...

me when idol consumers for 10,000 yrs have been *one-sidedly* using informal speech to talk to/about kpop idols as if they're their little bros or sth & then get pressed when one idol talks informally to his fans under mutual agreement:

Lol now FanDumbs think that is a paid trend Haan bhai inke A for Apple B for Ball wale hi toh genuine trends hai

สรุปรางวัลทั้งหมดของบังทันจากงาน TOP 10 Artist Best Producer (SUGA) Best MV Global Artist Awards Best Song Of The Year ( Spring Day ) Best R&B/Soul “ If I get drunk today “ (SURUN)

*MAMA* Best Music Video Artist of the year Asian Style in HK Pddogg Productor of the year. *MMA* Top 10 Best music video Hot trend (Suga e Suran) Global Artist Song Of The Year /// Suran Best R&B/Soul (Produção do Suga) Parabéns


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