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people who say that any thing dark and demonic are emo are aregont and have no nolege on what an emo is

another LUKE!! aregont prick and cocky bastard:/ dont like him.boooooooooo

~ Just fire the creep & be sure to take away ALL the benefits he has coming. He is a smart-mouthed aregont

cuz im cocky and im aregont with a hint of modisty

Pats since there closes to Florida and not made up of a bunch of aregont band wagon fans

haha and only cunts are as aregont as you but hey ho. Funny thing is I'm not so you are so wrong

// KERRI!!!!! // [Sighs and looks away] Aregont fool!

.. self Righteous aregont ass Liberals like Bashir burn me up

@LaborSec ..he don't care about that..he is so aregont and cool heart person

wwlcm.hope u`re not aregont.hehe

I do not wAnt to be aregont and a jerk.

haishh bakpe susah sgt bridge lagu mister aregont bongok ni ?

sejok kat bilik mandi kuang3... aregont><

@Ieyra_Only tdi tgok Mr aregont?

Elok-2 cakap pakai molot, Cakap pakai kaki ! Wakaka! So Aregont xD

I'm sorry for being so cocky & aregont on yalls TL . Y'all just can't tell me shit . I'm on top forreal .

Hahaha werkende bij safii hahaha klant komt hummie verstaadnie zeg ze heletijd wa hahahahaha kkr aregont WAWA !HAHAHAHAHAx . HAHAHA

U r soo aregont u dident follow any 1

Aregont black ppl sitty by you at the airport

im such a dickhead te call me aregont

my head mistress is really aregont and where it got spilt it looked like she had had a little axident lol

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